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Dangers of Unlicensed Installers!

un-licensed-warning Unlicensed InstallersIt is really important that you have your burglar alarm installed by a fully licensed installer and all licenses are granted by the Private Security Authority.

Why is it important to use a licensed installer?

QUALITY – An unlicensed installer may install sub-standard equipment in your home and there are no guarantees that this equipment is fit for the purpose of protecting your home or premises. Licensed installers must comply with the standards set out by the PSA for high quality alarm systems.

SECURITY – The PSA require a Garda Vetting form from all individuals applying for licenses. This ensures that licensed installers are in good standing with the law and they are obliged to disclose any criminal offenses. You do not have this reassurance when dealing with an unlicensed individual.

COMPLAINTS – If you have any issues with the standard of service provided by an unlicensed installer there is very little you can do. If you use a licensed installer you can report any issues or complaints to the PSA and they will investigate the services provided by the installer. The PSA may revoke an installer’s license if standards are not adhered to so it is in the installer’s interest to do a good job and ensure you, the customer, is happy with the standard of work.

PROSECUTION – If you employ an unlicensed alarm installer you are breaking the law! Penalties range from a €3,000 fine up to 5 years imprisonment.