Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

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Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Over the last few years Fire alarm systems evolved greatly, we now have a wide range of technologically advanced wireless fire alarm systems to choose from. Previously we were limited to basic conventional systems.

Here at Security Building Systems, we are experts in the fire safety industry and specialise in the supply and installation of the best fire protection and detection equipment. We offer our customers throughout Dublin and the surrounding areas highly advanced and technologically wireless fire alarms.

Wireless Fire Alarms are specifically designed for environments that are disconnected from a wired connection. The wireless alarms use radio signals to communicate between components and trigger alarms when an incident is detected.

Wireless technology has become a daily part of our lives, both at home and at work – and has fundamentally changed the way we work and communicate. Parallel improvements in battery technology and electronic components that operate at much lower voltages and power levels have helped make this possible.

We have seen in practice at customer sites how reliable and effective wireless fire detection systems are used in a variety of building and business types. The benefits that wireless systems have over wired pendants lie in their versatility, mobility, and cost-effectiveness.

Security building systems, install and maintain a number of wireless fire alarm systems, making fire safety easier and more proficient. All of our wireless alarms guaranteeing high quality and performance.

Our expert team is available to carry out full design and installation, making sure that you have the most appropriate system for your building’s requirements. This not only ensures the safety of employees and visitors in case of fire, but also the complete compliance with all legal provisions.


How do wireless fire alarm systems work?

Instead of wires, a radio signal is transmitted from the call points and smoke or heat detectors to the fire alarm control panel. The call point is the box on the wall where you can raise the alarm if you spot a fire.

From the point of view of anyone using a building fitted with a wireless system, it works in exactly the same way as a ‘normal’ hard-wired system – you spot a fire, you break a call point; a call point breaks, the alarm sounds.


The benefits of wireless fire alarm systems:

  • As reliable as a wired system, tested to Irish and European standards
  • Easy to install and can be suited with minimum disruption
  • No visible cables or damage to your walls
  • Can be easily installed in buildings where there is limited access
  • Layout is easily modified
  • Battery operated
  • If a wired alarm system can’t be install, it can be used as a temporary system
  • Can be used to expand existing wired systems


On this basis, we’d recommend a wireless fire alarm for any of the following:

  • For anyone who wants a fire alarm fitted quickly, with a minimum of disturbance
  • For businesses who value aesthetics
  • For historic or listed buildings, or those with building restrictions
  • For buildings which are likely to be renovated or extended in the near future
  • For buildings with difficult points of access
  • For complex sites with multiple buildings